CES  (Consejo Económico y Social de España)

CNMC  (Spanish Markets and Competition Commission)
ACCO (Catalan Competition Authority)

OB = Observations. Observaciones. Observacions.

IR  = Regulation Report. Informe de regulación. Informe de regulació.

ES = Studies. Estudios. Estudis.

  • ES 12/2016  The data-driven economy. Challenges for competition. (30.11.2016)
  • IR 24/2016. Regulatory report on the draft decree of the regulation of tourism in Catalunya (August 2016 version). (14.09.2016)
  • ES 10/2016. P2P Transactions and competition: A step forward. (23.05.2016)
  • OB 22/2016. Electricity self-consumption and competition. (05.2016)
  • OB 26/2016.  Note on the initial approval of the Special town planning regulation on tourist accommodation (PEUAT) in Barcelona (31.03.2016)
  • IR 22/2015. Regulatory report on the draft decree of the regulation of tourism in Catalunya. (09.09.2015)
  • OB 20/2015.  Suspension of licenses of tourist accommodations in Barcelona. Nota sobre la suspensión de las licencias de alojamientos turísticos en Barcelona. (21.07.2015)
  • ES 08/2014. Recommendations on detailed regulation of land use in terms of competition. (03.12.2014)
  • ES 07/2014. P2P Transactions and competition. (24.07.2014)
  • OB 11/2011. Procompetitive reflections on regulatory model of taxis and the hiring of vehicles with driver. (14.12.2012)
  • CO 39/2011. Competition analysis of priority rights on the passenger transport service in Catalunya. (15.10.2012)
  • ES 04/11. Analysis of the proposal of amendment of Catalan law on regular interurban road transport of passengers in Catalunya. (03.08.2011)
  • IR 17/2011. Regulation report regarding the proposal of amendment of Catalan Tourism Law 13/2002. (22.06.2011)
  • ES 03/2010. Study on competition in the regular interurban passenger road transport in Cataluyna (23.05.2011)
  • OB 5/2010. Observations regarding the hiring of vehicles with drivers in Catalunya. (26.01.2011)
  • IR 09/2010. Regulation report on the draft legislative-decree for the adequacy of the laws to Directive 2006/123/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2006 on services in the internal market. (20.05.2010)
  • IR 01/2009. Regulation report on the draft decree for the regulation of the Catalan Tourism Agency. (07.04.2009)
  • Guía de buenas prácticas para la prestación de servicios públicos y para la regulación de actividades privadas de interés general. (09.2008)
AVC: Basque Competition Authority
CGC: Galician Competition Authority
AADC: Andalusian Competition Authority
  • Challenges and problems of the sharing economy (Trabajo de investigación: Los retos y problemas de la economía colaborativa)