OCU launches a website for collaborative citizens

OCU (Spanish Consumers’ Organization) has launched today a website directed to the collaborative citizen.

The initiative is led by Amaya Apesteguía, an OCU economist specialized in Sharing Economy issues, and it constitutes an excellent contribution for the Collaborative Economy.

It is especially relevant the great amount of information and services that OCU offers to the collaborative citizen, namely:

  • Firstly, the website distinguishes according to the side of the relationship in which citizens are: either as consumers (receiving services of collaborative economy) or as prosumers (providing services of collaborative economy).
  • Based on this initial distinction, it allows the systematization of information in five large groups, according to the activity and type of the physical service provided: accommodation, mobility, second-hand, self-consumption and collaborative lifestyles.
  • It also provides information to the collaborative citizens with several studies and reports:
    – Collaborative consumption: Collaboration or business?
    – Vacation rental, community by community.
    – Prosumers: creativity in the 2.0 environment.
  • The web also provides legal advice.
  • And it also offers templates of agreements for the exchange of goods and services in the field of collaborative economy.

We want to congratulate OCU for its excellent initiative, focused on providing information to collaborative citizens.

Given the enormous confusion surrounding the collaborative economy, all initiatives directed to providing such information and advice to citizens are more than welcome.

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Rosa Guirado

Lawyer & Economist .Founder of Legal Sharing

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