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Debate on Sharing Economy at Spanish TV program “Millennium” (#66). January 9, 2017 

  • Online classes

Online classes on European Commission Communication on Collaborative Economy of June 2016.

  • Conferences

Conference on Sharing Economy marketplaces legality. Ouishare FEST Barcelona 2015.

Why Collaborative Economy is good for millenials? Madrid. 1-2 February (Summary)

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The Balearic Islands Tourism Act, an absolutely flawed law

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I. What has the ECJ said about UBER and what it has said not (and they are “fake news”)

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UBER case (I): summary of the essential matters

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What has a Spanish Court said about BlaBlaCar?

The position of the Eurpean Institutions in 2016

Airbnb is legal (to dispel any possible doubts).

What does UBER do with its users’ data.  ( EN )

FTC supports the collaborative economy (but has not yet issued a final opinion)

The Government of Catalonia regulates cab commercialisation services

What’s behind the “fines” against BlaBlaCar.

OCU launches a website on collaborative citizens

The Contract Theory, Prize in Economics Sciences 2016

NH hotel group reports collaborative marketplaces “unfair practices”